Towards Greener Research

Let’s make our work more sustainable, together

Self-commitment initiative

Here below you can adhere to two self-commitments for a more sustainable research practice. With the first one you self-commit to travel as sustainably as possible during research/work related trips. With the second you self-commit to repair/reuse equipment as long as possible before buying a new one. Anyone can adhere!!


Self-commitment for research/work travel: choose a sustainable means of transportation when the distance to the destination is less than 1000 km and it can be reached in less than 12 h.

Self-committment for repair/reuse of equipment: do not by new equipment (from computers, to printers, to spectrometers, etc.) if it is not strictly necessary. Do so if the old equipment can no longer be repaired or the repair is (much) more costly than a new piece. Reuse old equipment as much as possible.