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Green laboratory competition!

It might be April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke: today we provide the details for our green laboratory competition! All are welcome to submit proposals; and those working at Uppsala University are also eligible to apply for funds to implement their proposals (up to 15,000 sek). See below for the full details!

Competition Goal: Promote the formation of a network of labs dedicated to making their work more sustainable.

Competition: Awards & distinctions for the best and most innovative proposed ideas for transitioning your lab or associated research to more sustainable practices

How to participate: Email your application to us ( no later than June 1st, 2021.

What to submit?

Please write 1−2 pages describing your research environment and the planned activities. Your/The proposal should include concrete ideas of changes for the specific labs that will be implemented (behavioural and structural). Please also describe how these actions can be sustained and developed in the future. If you plan to have structural investments include a short budget section. If your research unit can contribute financial support, please indicate this as well.

See full details in the template:

Who can enter?

Each “laboratory entity” (research group, programs, etc.) is invited to participate with a proposal. Large administrative units (e.g., Ångström laboratory), teaching labs, building managers, and so on are also encouraged to submit proposals. For inspiration, proposals could include:

  • How your administrative unit will negotiate with laboratory supply companies so that they provide more sustainable products/packaging and recycling options
  • Teaching labs could propose replacing solvents or methods with greener alternatives
  • A concrete plan for how researchers could reduce the number of in-person conferences attended post-COVID where flying or significant travel is required and/or encourage more virtual conferences
  • Proposal of how a laboratory could significantly reduce their energy/water/gas consumption
  • Planning of a seminar series where research groups can invite speakers from the field of sustainability in society and/or strengthening relations with people from the sustainability field (CEMUS for example) in order to better educate scientists on the need for sustainable research.

What happens next?

A committee will evaluate the applications and the best applications will be announced by June 21, 2021. The best proposals which requested financial support will receive up to 15,000 SEK per proposal, though partial support is possible. Note that only Uppsala groups are eligible for financial support.

Six months after awards given, all participants will be invited to participate in a follow-up event to describe their journey towards more sustainable research. The “Sustainable Lab” initiative strives to establish a permanent network enabling mutual exchange of ideas. A crucial feature of this network will be documentation of your efforts (e.g., blogs from each participating lab and hosting of documentation files on our website) to continuously develop and spread sustainable practices at Uppsala University and beyond.

We are looking forward to your proposals!

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